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Community Engineer

Job description

At Railway, we make it extremely simple for engineers to deploy logic without thinking about servers. Our goal is to make developers orders of magnitude more efficient by becoming the operating system for modern development.

By building tooling for infrastructure automation, we seek to make people 100x more effective, and build 100x more impactful systems. Building leverage is a core part of what we do.

At the moment, we have a budding community with new and experienced developers showing off their creations and helping other members with the product.

As our first Community Engineer, you’ll be responsible for continuing that tradition and making the community not only be a place for developers to hang out, but develop a fly-wheel where content from the community can help others as well.

About the role

You’d work directly with the team to:

  • Develop programs to support and reward exemplary behavior on our forums (Discord, Feedback Forum, Twitter)
  • Investigate the existing product and find natural on-boarding points to help bring our users aboard our community
  • Promote the brand through community support, content distribution, and engagement via events.
  • Build requirements on tooling for automation to make your own role easier.
  • Engage and grow our nascent open-source community
  • When we say community, we don’t mean captive audience. You will be given complete autonomy over how you wish to build relationships with new and existing community members.

    About you

  • A keen eye for insight. You’ll be able to implement social media campaigns to align with marketing strategies on specific platforms that fit best with their niche audience.
  • A strong sense of empathy. Ideally you’ll have experience operationalizing and working with others in different functions
  • A great sense of direction and prioritization when it comes to dealing with the ambiguity of an early stage startup
  • A sense of grit to dive into a problem, implement a solution, scale that solution, and replace it when needed
  • A great set of communication skills for getting your point across, solution implemented, and beyond
  • We value and love to work with diverse persons from all backgrounds

    Things to know

    For better or worse, we're a startup; our team dynamics are different from companies of different sizes and stages.

    • We're distributed ALL across the globe, and that's only going to be more and more distributed. As a result, stuff is ALWAYS happening.
    • We do NOT expect you to work all the time, but you'll have to be diligent about your boundaries because the end of your day may overlap with the start of someone else's.
    • We're a small team, with high ownership, who are not only passionate about what we do, but seek to be exceptional as well. At the time of writing we're 7, serving tens of thousands of users. There's a lot of stuff going on, and a lot of ambiguity.
    • We want you to own it. We believe that ownership is a key to growth, and part of that growth is not only being able to make the choices, but owning the success, or failure, that comes with those choices.

    Benefits and perks

    At Railway, we provide best in class benefits. Great salary, full health benefits including dependents, strong equity grants, equipment stipend, and much more. For more details, check back on the main careers page.

    Beyond compensation, there are a few things that we believe that make working at Railway truly unique:

    • Autonomy: We have very few meetings. Just a Monday and a Friday to go over the Company Board. We think your time is sacred, whether it's at work, or outside of work.
    • Ownership: We're a company with a high ownership, high autonomy culture. We hope that you'll come in, help us, and over the course of many years do the best work of your life. When we bring you onboard, we expect you to change the company.
    • Novel problems/solutions: We're a startup that's well funded, with cool problems, which lets us implement novel solutions! We abhor “busywork” and think, whether it's community, engineering, operations, etc there's always opportunity for creative and high leverage solutions.
    • Growth: We want you to grow with us, but we know that talent is loaned, so when you figure out what area you want to grow in next, whether it's at Railway or outside, we'll make sure you land there.

    How we hire

    No tricks. No surprises. Here's the entire process.


    Talk with us about the role

    This is completely open ended and we're just trying to see who you are, what you want to do, and where you wanna go.


    Work on a small project to discuss in the interview

    Asynchronously implement the following:

  • Create a template on the Railway platform and ecosystem. While creating the template: audit the experience and the community ecosystem around the product. Suggest and share improvements to the experience.
  • You will submit your solution before the interview, and sit down with a member of the team and go over the above. We'll poke into your solution, as well as get you acquainted with a member of the team.
  • Interview Structure (60 Minutes):
  • Pre-work (submitted before your interview): Build a template
  • 0-5 minutes: Introductions
  • 5-20 minutes: Walking through the code
  • 20-50 minutes: Talking about how you’d scale community
  • 50-60 minutes: Time for you to ask your interviewers questions
  • You can, and SHOULD! ask us questions ahead of time. What our prior solution looks like, what ideas we have to improve it, etc. Ask away!


    Review your solution with the Team

    You'll sit down with someone on the team and go over the above. We'll poke into your solution, as well as get you acquainted with two more members of the team.

    Looking for: Learn about your problem solving skills. How you break down a problem and how you present a solution.


    Meet the Team

    You'll meet the Team, which will be comprised of 4 people from vastly different sections of the company.

    Looking for: How you work with the rest of the team and communicate.


    Offer and Details Chat with CEO

    Finally, we will go over the process, the role, and hammer out the details about your position, onboarding, and all the deets.

    Final Note: The interview goes both ways. Once again, please ask us things. Many things! Hard things. That's what we're here for.

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    Additional questions? We know this page might not answer all your questions. Just send us an email with any questions you may have and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible! đź‘‹