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Common Questions

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    What are Starter Plan execution hours?

    Execution hours are how we measure how long your app has been occupying deployment space. Having at least one service counts against your hours. Learn more.

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    Do you have a EU/APAC region?

    Yes! Railway's infrastructure spans multiple regions across the globe. This allows you to deploy your applications closer to your users no matter where they are located.See our docs for more information.

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    What will my application cost to host?

    We can't give out quotes. We provide estimates off of the average usage that your project costs. You can even use our pricing calculator for a good idea.

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    Does Railway scale my applications for me?

    Railway will right size your container to your plan limits. (Vertical scaling) and only bill you for the usage. Horizontal scaling is planned.

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    Does Railway support Monorepos?

    Indeed we do! See how in our documentation.

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    Can I get my workload's IP Address?

    We don't provide static IPs at this time. This on our roadmap.

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    Are you HIPAA BAA/SoC2 certified?

    We can't enter into a HIPPA BAA or SoC2 certification at this time. However, you can contact us at contact (at) railway (dot) app to discuss your specific needs.

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    Do you have an API?

    Yep! We do. You can find more information about our API here.

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    Do my applications sleep on the Starter Plan?

    No, Railway applications do not sleep unlike other platforms. If you need to have 24/7 hosting, you can attach a card and unlock the Hobby Plan. Learn more.

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    Why isn't my account verified?

    The last few months we have seen thousands of spam accounts. We know that you might be a student, or just new to GitHub so we ask that you enter a payment method into the verify page.

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