Ghost example

This example deploys self-hosted version of Ghost. Internally it uses a MySQL database to store the data.

Deploy on Railway

✨ Features

  • Ghost
  • MySQL

💁‍♀️ How to use

  • Click the Railway button 👆
  • Add the environment variables
    • If you do not add the CLOUDINARY_URL environment variable, your images/files will not be persisted between deploys.
    • Add the MAILGUN_SMTP_LOGIN and MAILGUN_SMTP_PASSWORD variables if you want to invite users to your admin panel or send emails to your subscribers when you publish a new post.

📝 Notes

  • Railway's filesystem is ephemeral which is why any changes to the filesystem are not persisted between deploys. This is why, this example uses Cloudinary for storage.
  • The above limitation also affects the way themes work with Ghost, we use the bin/ script to copy over the themes every time you deploy. That way, the theme is always present.
    • To add a theme, first add the package as a dependency to the package.json file and then add it to the list of themes in the bin/ file.
    • Do NOT add a theme directly using the Ghost UI, it will look like it worked but will break whenever you deploy your app again.