Laravel Starter Example

This is a Laravel starter app that connects to a Railway Postgres database.

Deploy on Railway Test

✨ Features

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Postgres

💁‍♀️ How to use

📝 Notes

  • Dockerfile: The Dockerfile and associated files in docker/ are based on Laravel Sail PHP 8.0
  • Plugin Config: To connect to a Railway Plugin, Postgres for example, you will need to utilize the environment variables listed for that plugin in the Railway Docs. See the .env.example for an example of using these with Postgres.
  • Web server port: Railway dynamically assigns a port for your webserver. We grab the $PORT environment variable in docker/start-container to set this on Artisan serve
  • Logging: Because the disk on Railway containers is ephemeral, we pipe the logs normally output to storage/logs/laravel.log to stdout as seen here
  • APP_KEY: This starter will automatically generate the APP_KEY (php artisan key:generate in the docker/start-container)
  • Migrations: This starter automatically runs migrations on deploy (in the docker/start-container)