We only bill you for the resources that your deployments and plugins actually use. Billed minutely.
$10 / GB / month$0.000231 / GB / minute
$20 / vCPU / month$0.000463 / vCPU / minute
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  • Deploy from GitHub, including private repos
  • Get a unique copy of your infra for each PR
  • Multiple custom domains with SSL
  • Connect to your infra locally via the Railway CLI

Free Plan

  • 3 projects
  • 256 MB and shared CPU per container
  • 1 GB disk storage
  • 100 GB outbound network bandwidth. Unlimited inbound.


  • $20 / seat / month
  • Usage pricing for all projects
  • All team members can access team projects
  • Priority Support

Price Estimation

Get a rough idea how much your project will cost on Railway
Idle Project
Side project that doesn't have many daily users
/ mo
Price is an estimate based on existing projects running on Railway. For more information see the docs.