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We believe...

You should simply be able to work on your core product, grow, and get to wherever you want; without having to worry about infrastructure and how to deploy it.

We want to change...

Great ideas becoming trainwrecks due to the complex nature of deployments, clusters, Docker, among the many, many other things that can go wrong.

Meet the train crew

We're a small, remote team working on interesting problems at the edge of compute, distributed systems, languages, and compilers.

Jake Cooper

Jake Cooper


Jake Runzer

Jake Runzer

Software person

Greg Schier

Greg Schier

Software Developer

Faraz Patankar

Faraz Patankar

Full-stack engineer

Jitachi Garcia

Jitachi Garcia


Angelo Saraceno

Angelo Saraceno

Support Engineer

Lucas Stephens

Lucas Stephens

Infrastructure Engineer

Ahmed Mozaly

Ahmed Mozaly

Infrastructure Engineer



Infrastructure Engineer

Peter Khalil

Peter Khalil

Head of Operations



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Learn about How we work

Software should be:
Take what you need, leave what you don't.

The available tools for software development are far too complicated for the current generation of developers, let alone the ones that come next.

Our investors

We're backed by some of the most amazing investors believers in the industry

Image of Erica Brescia

Erica Brescia

Managing Director @ Redpoint

Image of Jordan Segall

Jordan Segall

Partner @ Redpoint

Image of Lachy Groom

Lachy Groom

Chairman of Compound

Image of Charlie Cheever

Charlie Cheever

Co-founder at Expo

Image of Spencer Kimball

Spencer Kimball

CEO at Cockroach Labs

Image of Brandon Chu

Brandon Chu

VP Product Acceleration at Shopify

Image of Guillermo Rauch

Guillermo Rauch

CEO at Vercel

Image of Lucy Guo

Lucy Guo

Partner at Backend Capital

Image of Olivier Pomel

Olivier Pomel

CEO & Co-founder at Datadog

Image of Justin Gage

Justin Gage

Growth at Retool

Image of Tom Preston-Werner

Tom Preston-Werner

Founder at GitHub

Image of Calvin French-Owen

Calvin French-Owen

Co-founder & CTO at Segment

Image of Jori Lallo

Jori Lallo

Co-founder at Linear

Image of Jake King

Jake King

Co-founder, CSO at Cmd

Image of John Vrionis

John Vrionis

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Unusual ventures

Image of Daniel Gross

Daniel Gross

Founder at Pioneer

Image of Jason Warner

Jason Warner

CTO at GitHub

Image of Andrea Funsten

Andrea Funsten

Managing Partner at Basecamp Fund