We only bill you for the resources you actually use. By the minute.


$10 / GB per month

$0.000231 / GB / minute


$20 / vCPU per month

$0.000463 / vCPU / minute



Fiddle with the platform sans credit card.

  • 512 MB RAM

    and shared CPU / container

  • 1 GB Disk

    Split between your services

  • $5 or 500 hours of usage

  • Community Support

    Documentation & Discord Community



Ditch the limits. Still free under $5/mo.

  • Up to 8 GB RAM

    and shared CPU / container

  • Up to 100 GB Disk

    Split between your services

  • Unlimited execution time

    Deploys remain online indefinitely

  • Prepaid or Usage-based

    Multiple payment options to fit your needs


$20 / seat

Scale up and outship your competitors.

  • Up to 32 GB RAM

    and up to 32 vCPU / container

  • Up to 2 TB Disk

    Split between your services

  • Shared Projects

    Members can access all team projects

  • Direct Support Line

    Dedicated support channel with your team

All the Plans Include:

100 GB outbound network bandwidth

Deploy from any GitHub repo, public or private

Unlimited inbound network bandwidth

Unique copy of your infra for each PR

Multiple custom domains with SSL

Connect to your infra with the Railway CLI

Usage Estimation

Worried about the cost of hosting your project on Railway? We got you.

Lightweight server

HTTP server that just echos the request

Project Cost

$0.50 / mo

Cost is estimated based on similar projects hosted on Railway

Common Questions

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    Is there a project, environment, or service limit on the starter plan?

    No, there is no limit. You can use the $5 or 500 however you like.

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    What happens if I exceed my $5 or 500 hours of usage during the month?

    After you run out of credits or execution hours (whichever comes first), your deployments will stop and you will lose access to all plugins.

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    What are Starter Plan execution hours?

    Execution hours are how we measure how long your app has been occupying deployment space. Each service counts against your hours.

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    Do the credits accumulate?

    The recurring $5 credit does not accumulate. However, purchased credits do rollover to the next month.

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    Can I upgrade at any time?

    Yes! You can upgrade anytime and get the resources instantly.

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    What if I cancel before the end of the month?

    To cancel your usage based subscription you'll need to pay the current usage bill first.