Plans that empower you and your team to ship without friction.


For hobbyist developers looking to showcase their side projects.

Resource usage
Includes $5 of usage monthly
8 GB RAM / 8 vCPU per service
Project permissions
Community support
7 day log history
US-West region
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For professional developers and teams shipping to production.

Resource usage
All Hobby plan features and:
32 GB RAM / 32 vCPU per service
Team permissions
First party support
30 day log history
Global regions
Deploy with Pro

For larger enterprises with support SLA and compliance needs.

Custom Pricing
All features in Hobby, Pro and:
Custom instance sizing
RBAC and compliance
Same day support
90+ day log history
Multiple concurrent regions
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Included in all plans:

GitHub and CLI Deploys
Automatically deploy every time you push every change to your repo.
Secrets and local dev experience
Keep Dev, Staging, Prod, and PR-256 separate.
Persistent Storage
Persistent data for your services running on Railway.
Database Management Console
Easily manage your database with a built-in UI. Add tables and edit data with ease.
Real-time logs and metrics
Get up-to-the-second logs and metrics for all your services, DBs, and plugins.
Config as Code
Prefer to stay in the terminal? Your code is your infrastructure.
Usage Limits
Instant rollbacks
Railway API
Wildcard domains
Shared variables
2FA + Session tracking
Zero-downtime deploys
Staged changes
Lightning fast builds
Templates + publishing
Dockerfile deploys

Usage Pricing

Pick a plan, then pay for the resources you use
Per GB / month
$0.000231 / GB / minute
Per vCPU core / month
$0.000463 / vCPU / minute
Network Egress
Per GB used
$0.000000095367432 / KB
Optional Add-Ons
Supercharge your application with these additions. Billed monthly.
Persistent Volume
Per GB / month
Premium Support
Per Team / month
Goodbye, over-provisioning
On Railway, usage-based pricing means you only pay for the compute you need. We know not all workloads fit into the same box, so we got rid of that entirely.
You don’t pay for idle CPU or memory
No need to pre-plan your builds costs- builds are free
All services get a private network, no need to set it up

Usage Estimation

Worried about the cost of hosting your project on Railway? We've got you covered.

Lightweight server

HTTP server that just echos the request

Project Cost

$0.51 / mo
Network Egress

Cost is estimated based on similar projects hosted on Railway

Commonly Asked:

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