Open Source

Get credits when users who deploy your open-source project on Railway are billed.

How it works

To keep this short and to the point, we will pay you 25% of whatever we make whenever a user deploys your open-source project on Railway. No limits, no minimum amount required, nothing!

Project requirements

Your project runs on Railway

Confirm that your project deploys and runs with no issues. We check for a great experience.

Your project has 100+ stars

Your users think your project is superb. As such, the repo should have 100+ stars on GitHub.

Your project complies with our ToS

Your project should abide by our fair-use policy.Check out our terms of service

Once Approved...

The Railway button needs to be kept visible and up-to-date on your project page.

Featured projects

These are some of our favorite projects that met all the criteria. Check them out!



A self-hosted version of Cusdis using a PostgreSQL database

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