Fair Use

All deployments and plugins hosted on Railway operate under the fair use policy. In general, don't do anything illegal or we will ban you from the platform.


  • Websites
  • APIs + Backends
  • Cron Jobs / Scheduled Jobs
  • ML Jobs
  • Code Servers

Not Allowed

  • Mirrors/Userbots
  • Torrent Aggregators
  • Crypto Miners
  • Hosting/Distribution of DMCA protected content
  • Music Bots
  • VNCs/Virtual desktops
  • ToS Violation (Card Testing/Hosting Card Testing Services)
  • Suspected card fraud / Payment dispute
  • Trial Plan Abuse
  • Sending Spam
  • Anything Illegal

We won't hesitate to shut down any illegal activity on the platform. If you wouldn't run it on your machine, don't run it on ours.