Directus (docker/websocket/extensions) + PostGIS (docker/TCP) + S3/Local

Directus (docker/websocket/extensions) + PostGIS (docker/TCP) + S3/Local

Directus (Docker/extensions/websocket) + PostGIS (Docker/TCP) + S3

Deploy Directus (docker/websocket/extensions) + PostGIS (docker/TCP) + S3/Local



Just deployed




Just deployed


Directus (Docker + extensions + websocket) + PostGIS (Docker & TCP) + S3 description: A one-click-install Directus instance with PostGIS and S3 for persistent storage. tags:

  • Directus
  • Typescript
  • Vue
  • Websocket
  • CMS
  • Data Platform
  • PostgreSQL
  • PostGIS
  • Railway

Directus railway template

This example runs a Directus instance with minimal config using PostGIS.

✨ Features

  • Directus config is pre-configured
  • Install Directus using Docker
  • Directus extensions and websocket are pre-configured
  • Directus version can be updated through Dockerfile
  • Directus extensions can be updated and loaded through Dockerfile
  • PostGIS config is pre-configured
  • SSL certificates is pre-configured using the self-signed Snakeoil certificate for PostGIS
  • Railway Database View is pre-configured
  • Install PostGIS instead of Postgre as Directus recommended for supporting GIS features
  • S3 for persistent storage
  • The communication from Directus to the database is accomplished through the private network, saving its users from egress fees. This reduces the users' exposure to unnecessary egress fees.

💁‍♀️ How to use

  • Click the Deploy on Railway button
  • Let railway deploy your service, most of the configurations have been preset, but feel free to tweak them as you like before deployment.
  • Login in the admin panel using the defined ADMIN_EMAIL and ADMIN_PASSWORD.
  • Use of S3 is a must in this template.

💁‍♀️ Example screenshots

Directus extensions

Directus extensions!

Directus S3 image upload

Directus S3 image upload!

Directus S3 storage

Directus S3 storage!

Railway Database View for Postgis

Railway Database View for Postgis!

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